Good Night and Good Luck, Jonathan!

Why should you care about the recent highly contested presidential election in Nigeria?

  • Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa!
  • Nigeria recently surpassed South Africa with the African continent’s largest economy!
  • Nigeria is a major producer of oil and natural gas with large reserves, too!
  • Nigeria is an ally of the United States!

Nigeria’s sitting president just lost the election. The first sitting to president to lose an election.  We will see how the nation responds to change in presidents and parties.  Hopefully this will be a silent revolution with no more bloodshed than has already occurred.  Keep an eye on Nigeria.


About emhsgoppel

I am a history teacher at Edmond Memorial High School and use this blog for my students and our classes. I enjoy all things Badger (University of Wisconsin), Dutch (Oranje!), Houston (Astros, Cougars, Dynamos, Oilers, Rockets, & Texans), and Oklahoma (Pokes & Thunder). My hobbies are art, cinema, current events, history, and travel.
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