Welcome to ‘Merica (or is it ‘Murica?)


 Documents of Freedom [DOF] Units from The Bill of Rights Institute

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Introduction
    1. Civic Virtue and Our Constitutional Republic
    2. The Role of Government
  3. Development of American Government
    1. Ancient Republic and European Charters
    2. Colonial Experience with Government and Economics
    3. Rights and the Declaration of Independence
    4. Articles of Confederation
    5. Constitutional Convention
    6. Ratification Debate
    7. The Bill of Rights
    8. Early Challenges in the Constitutional Republic
  4. American Government
    1. The Declaration of Independence
    2. Constitution
    3. Republican Government
    4. Structure of Our National Government
    5. Separation of Power Checks and Balances
    6. Equal and Unalienable Rights
    7. Popular Sovereignty and Consent of Governed 
    8. Rule of Law
    9. Federalism
    10. State and Local Government
  5.  Participation
    1. Political Parties
    2. Elections
    3. Voting
  6. Civil Liberties, Responsibilities, and Rights
    1. Responsibilities of Citizenship
      1. Rights and Responsibilities
      2. Due Process of Law
      3. Civil Discourse & Petitioning
      4. The Fourteenth Amendment and Incorporation
    2. African Americans
      1. Slavery and the Constitution
      2. Civil War and Reconstruction
      3. End of Slavery and Reconstruction Amendments
      4. Civil Rights Movement
    3. Women
      1. Votes for Women
      2. Women’s Rights in the Late 20th Century
    4. Native Americans
    5. Contemporary Society
      1. National Government Government Crisis and Civil Liberty
      2. Liberty & Equality Today
      3. Progressive Era
      4. New Deal
      5. Great Society
      6. Modern Debates on Rights

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