V. Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land Use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13–17%
A. Development and diffusion of agriculture
1. Neolithic Agricultural Revolution
2. Second Agricultural Revolution
3. Green Revolution
4. Large-scale commercial agriculture and agribusiness
B. Major agricultural production regions
1. Agricultural systems associated with major bioclimatic zones
2. Variations within major zones and effects of markets
3. Interdependence among regions of food production and consumption
C. Rural land use and settlement patterns
1. Models of agricultural land use, including von Thünen’s model
2. Settlement patterns associated with major agriculture types: subsistence,
cash cropping, plantation, mixed farming, monoculture, pastoralism,
ranching, forestry, fishing and aquaculture
3. Land use/land cover change: irrigation, desertification, deforestation,
wetland destruction, conservation efforts to protect or restore natural
land cover, and global impacts
4. Roles of women in agricultural production and farming communities

D. Issues in contemporary commercial agriculture
1. Biotechnology, including genetically modified organisms (GMO)
2. Spatial organization of industrial agriculture, including the transition
in land use to large-scale commercial farming and factors affecting the
location of processing facilities
3. Environmental issues: soil degradation, overgrazing, river and aquifer
depletion, animal wastes, and extensive fertilizer and pesticide use
4. Organic farming, crop rotation, value-added specialty foods, regional
appellations, fair trade, and eat-local-food movements
5. Global food distribution, malnutrition, and famine

Why going green is growing on U.S. farmers [PBS NewsHour]

The Meatrix

Urban Ag [NG]

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