LEGO of my Justice!

Top of the wishlist!

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The Power of New Media

Twitter Chat with POTUS

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The State of Our Union is Humorous and Techie


I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by all of the attention the State of the Union has received in the media but also the peripheral connections (humorous stories and apps).  Here is a sampling:

  1. Mr. Review: State of the Union Address [Citizen U] Video for Students
  2. Fact Checking the State of the Union Address []
  3. George Washington’s 1790 State of the Union [Mt. Vernon]
  4. Biden Arrives Early to Set Up State of the Union Fog Machine [The Onion]
  5. State of the Union Guests Sort of Assumed White House Would Pay for Them to Get Home [The Onion]
  6. ” ‘Well, Here’s Won’t Pass’ Obama Says Before Listing 35 Proposals” [The Onion]
  7. Biden’s Buffalo Wing Challenge Dinner Not Sitting Too Well  [The Onion]
  8. State of the Union Preview: Best (and Worst) Moments from History [Brookings Institute]
  9. White House dot gov
  10. The 10 Best State of the Union Lines Ever – Do You Know Who Said Them? [Kicker]
  11. President Bingo
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Martin Luther King Jr.

Today was a personal work day but I listened to American Radio Works’ King’s Last March today in the car on NPR.

It was a great reminder of MLK’s radicalization during his last years, taking leftist stands on poverty and the Vietnam War.  I know about it, not sure how many non history teachers know much about this.  Take an hour and listen to this great story using King and other historical figures’ (Abernathy and Young among others) words to relive the era.  Not sure his views would be as radical today post Vietnam and Watergate scandals.  The program also details the evolution or I should say devolution of the LBJ-MLK relationship.

I had the opportunity to visit Ebenezer Baptist Church and the King Historical Sites in Atlanta a few years back with the Academic Team.  It was a great experience and I highly recommend them if you get to Atlanta.

img_5996 img_6030 img_6006

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No one is Nigeria . . .


What is Boko Haram?


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Eveyone is Charlie


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Meanwhile in Nigeria . . .

Here is the news story you likely haven’t heard about in Nigeria [that’s in Africa].


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Are Americans Comfortable with Political Dynasties?Bush-Clinton1-1024x637

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George W. Bush: Jeb would beat ‘sister-in-law’ Hillary Clinton

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